The Big Picture: Six Key Segments of Millennials – Part 5

We’ve been discussing the differences in Millennial segments.  You can read the previous posts in a series of six posts dedicated to helping churches and church leaders make sense of the differences in Millennials:

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Millennial Segment # 5: Skeptics

  • Lowest income, 60% have annual HHI of $35,000 or less per year.

  • With 38% of the segment having only their high school diploma or GED, they are not as educated as other segments.

  • Unemployed to underemployed with impractical degrees or no college education is not uncommon with Skeptics.

  • This group seems to be the most committed to video games, catching up on the latest action or sci-fi movie and browsing the internet.

  • Skeptics tend to worry a lot and are the segment most likely to hold a grudge.

  • 20% of them stated they have not banked with any well-known financial brand or even their own local bank.

  • Many Skeptics are either living paycheck to paycheck or mom and dad are paying for everything.

  • Skeptics can feel paralyzed by an abundance of too many possible life choices.

  • Severe student loan debt, helicopter-parent upbringing, inability to choose anything from lifestyle purchases to career opportunities can haunt Skeptics.

  • Diminishing hope for a better future is typical

  • Less confidence and optimism among Skeptics than either of the other segments.

Do you know any Skeptics?  Based on your relationships with Skeptics, what is your experience?  Do you find the list above to be accurate?  Why or why not?  What would you add to the list?  

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