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Lost in Translation: What these three phrases mean to millennials

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware of the generational gap in so many churches. Whether you’re a baby boomer trying to work with a generation that seems challenging to understand, or a millennial trying to earn the favor of an older generation that seems set in their ways, the generational gap is a real thing. And sometimes this gap can act like a language barrier. When you say the following phrases, millennials hear something else. So without further ado:

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How to take the first step in reaching millennials

If you are a church leader trying to reach millennials, you are training for a marathon. The statistics show that millennials are less interested in church then any previous generation (for a lot of good reasons, frankly), and that, combined with a number of other factors, makes reaching millennials a challenge.

But I love a challenge. And, hopefully, you do too.

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Easter longing

Despite drifting from formal religion after entering adulthood, Filipovic’s early life exposure to Christianity left a resonance she believes is shared widely among millennial nones: a longing for “community, connection, devotion. Something like church, without the church part.”

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