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Helping Millennials Parent In the Digital Age

Parenting is a popular “felt-needs” topic for preachers, most often directed toward young families who are already part of the congregation or perhaps as an outreach for friends and neighbors in the community who are seeking wisdom on raising kids. I’ve been in several congregations that have planned a parenting series after a major holiday or at the beginning of the fall or spring school semesters in an effort to get people engaged.

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Field Notes on Social Media

We have just passed high school graduation season, and several young friends of mine have now doffed cap and gown and processed to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Graduation parties have also taken place. While attending a celebration for a former student, Oliver and I discussed Snapchat. Very casually, this eighteen-year-old told me, “Yea, I don’t even really check Snapchat anymore.” I wondered why, so he enlightened me.

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