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Millennials and Distributed Leadership in the Church

A recent study by research group Universum looked at the leadership styles and workplace environments preferred by Generations X, Y, and Z. While their conclusions and recommendations were geared more toward a corporate work setting, there are many important insights for churches looking to better engage younger generations in their congregations.

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Jon Acuff, Millennials, and the Unicorn Factor

Football season is underway, and now that we’ve kicked off the action we will be sure to hear plenty of clichés from the teams that defy expectations. Athletes will declare “No one believed in us outside of this locker room,” when their team unites, excels, and succeeds beyond where they were picked in the standings. “Us against the world” will become their rallying cry.

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An Alternative to the Generational Label?

The term “millennial” refers to those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s, and church leaders have been searching for ways to connect with this generation, who are largely religiously unaffiliated though open to spiritual conversations and experiences. The most common strategies have involved a form of contemporary worship, social justice initiatives, and artisanal coffee.

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