Millennials and Leadership: 15 Key Traits - Part 3

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A few months ago we surveyed 100 Millennials and asked them, “What are the most important traits in a leader that you would want to follow?”  As you can imagine we had a wide range of responses.  We condensed the many responses down to these key 15 attributes of leaders that Millennials want to follow.  Here are five of the 15…

  1. Disciplined

  2. Relatable

  3. Passionate

  4. Determined

  5. Spiritual


Discipline relates to control and focus attained by way of adhering to a certain standard of rules. Leaders who are disciplined are typically calm, well organized, and have a clear set of priorities and objectives. They have a good sense of control over their emotions and over their actions and thoughts. 


Relatability is the capacity to empathize with others, in the case of leadership, it relates to being empathetic towards followers. Relatability is also about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and being able to comprehend the things they are feeling. Being able to relate with followers is an essential trait for leaders as it enhances communication and understanding in an organization, mission or cause. 


Passion is one of the most important traits of being a leader. Passion relates to the love individuals have for their work and the fervor and determination with which they perform their duties and responsibilities. Passion is a must for leaders as it is what drives them and fuels their hunger or craving to accomplish a goal or see a vision fulfilled.  


Determination relates to the focus and will of staying true to your purpose. It is about the continuation of your hard work even in difficult times.  Determination is firmly carrying through with your plans, with a strong resolve, and belief that you will achieve your objective.  Followers want to know that leaders have a do whatever it takes mentality.


Spiritual leader count their blessings are extremely grateful and are not ridden with egoism. They generously compliment people who are dedicated and hard working, and choose to see possibilities even in the presence of problems and hurdles. They are also very approachable and encouraging knowing that there is a larger force at work in the world.  

So how about it?  If you have been following these posts on leadership you now have a bucket full of 15 core traits that Millennials desire their leaders possess. Are you a leader that possesses the 5 leadership traits above?  How do you know?  Did you ask the people around you or are you making a leadership assumption?  If you want to reach Millennials, you must be a leader who seeks to possess the 5 traits above.