The Big Picture: Six Key Segments of Millennials - Part 2

We’ve been discussing the differences in Millennial segments, in their way of life or outlook on life.  You can read the first in a series of six posts dedicated to helping churches and church leaders make sense of the differences in Millennials HERE.  

Millennial Segment # 2: Trendsetters  

  • When company executives talk about targeting Millennials, this is the segment profile they are picturing.  Young, in touch with multiple brands and they seem to have loyalty to no one.
  • They are the youngest segment, 61% between 18-25.  They are either still in school (50% in high school or college) or just settling into their first job. 58% live in households with income greater than $60K a year.
  • Primarily female.  They keep up on the latest and greatest through their big social networks or entertainment gossip. Whether it’s grabbing a beer or sipping on a mixed drink, they enjoy socializing with friends. 
  • The most outgoing group, they can be found at the gym, cheering at sporting events, enjoying the theater or wherever there is a scene to be seen.  This group is most likely to start a trend.
  • Trendsetters want to hold onto their more youthful days and they are the most style-conscious.
  • It’s about appearance and social status, which is why they care more about their social media feed’s influence and notoriety then actually being at an event.

Do you know any Trendsetters?  Based on your relationships with Trendsetters, what is your experience?  Do you find the list above to be accurate?  Why or why not?  What would you add to the list?  

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The segment traits lists are compiled from the following sources: