The Big Picture: Six Key Segments of Millennials - Part 1

We’ve been busy helping churches and church leaders make sense of the conflicting data and juxtaposing conclusions about Millennials.  Seems like one day you can hear that Millennials aren’t buying houses and the next day they are.  You might hear one wealthy manager say that Millennials are saving for their retirements and the next day you might read somewhere that they aren’t even planning at all for their future.  So which is it?  

I once read back-to-back articles in which the first article said Millennials are all about the common good and finding jobs that make the world a better place.  The second article said that Millennials are selfish, entitled and whiners who don’t want to work hard.  So which is it?


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The reason why so many churches and church leaders have a hard time making sense of millennial life is because they wrongly assume that all millennials are the same.  Just like any other generations, millennials have various subsets or segments in which some similarities may overlap while dissimilarities expose wide gaps of divergence.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting on 6 different segments of millennials.  You can read more about the millennial segments in our forthcoming eBook entitled, Millennial Essentials: The Big Picture.  For more info, email us at  

Millennial Segment # 1: Up & Comers

  • “It’s a great day to be me.”
  • Successful, wired, free spirited, confident, and at ease.
  • Feels this is his/her best decade.
  • Greatest device ownership, pushes/contributes to online content weekly.
  • Male dominated, above average income, single ($55K+).
  • Dominated by a diverse group of males with large representation of African Americans (19%), Asians (12%) and Hispanics (10%).
  • Likely to reside in a city or urban center.
  • This group tends to be employed full time and typically has a higher education level.
  • Their psychographics suggest they are highly active, ambitious and ready to take on the world. They are the life of the party - rarely watching TV or relaxing at home - instead they spend their time at sporting events, bars, hitting the gym and enjoying the outdoors with friends.
  • Assertive, professionally focused women.
  • Professional influence, high purchase power, lower interest in dating.

Do you know any Up & Comers?  Based on your relationships with Up & Comers, what is your experience?  Do you find the list above to be accurate?  Why or why not?  What would you add to the list?  

**Deeper discussion on segment traits listed can be found in Millennial Essentials: The Big Picture.  For more info on this and other Burlap eBooks, email us at


These mindset traits are compiled from the following sources: