The Big Picture: Six Key Segments of Millennials - Part 4


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We’ve been discussing the differences in Millennial segments.  You can read the previous posts in a series of six posts dedicated to helping churches and church leaders make sense of the differences in Millennials:

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Millennial Segment # 4: Nostalgics

  • Returned to their childhood pastimes for comfort.

  • Nostalgics are the homebody, crafty, foodie segment.

  • Nostalgics tend to primarily be made up of Caucasian (79%) females (72%) and they seem to have an aversion to anything outdoorsy.

  • Nostalgics have a fascination with old-school hobbies, brands, games and approaches to personal grooming.

  • Some Nostalgics fetishize blue-collar activities.

  • Nostalgics tend to be more introverted and the least social of all the segments. They are often running late and the least likely to start or follow trends.

  • Connecting on Facebook is too impersonal, “let’s meet up for coffee instead,” Nostalgics would say.

  • Most Nostalgics are not wired, cautious consumers, and self-directed learners.

  • Nostalgics spends the least amount of time online

  • Many Nostalgics love to read and typically a print book.

Do you know any Nostalgics?  Based on your relationships with Nostalgics, what is your experience?  Do you find the list above to be accurate?  Why or why not?  What would you add to the list?  

**Deeper discussion on segment traits listed can be found in Millennial Essentials: The Big Picture.  For more info on this and other Burlap eBooks, email us at  

The segment traits lists are compiled from the following sources: