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What CrossFit can teach us about reaching millennials

I joined a gym called “CrossFit” a few years ago. Maybe you’ve heard of it. In 2005, there were 15 locations. By 2015, there were over 10,000. It got so popular that you could start a “box” (lingo for “gym”) in your garage and people would sign up. I literally have friends who paid $100+ a month to go workout in someone’s garage.

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Generation Z: Scripture and technology

Generation Z-ers have grown up connected to the internet, and technology is a constant in their lives. Leonid Bershidsky of the Bloomberg View reports that Z-ers “multi-task across five screens: TV, phone, laptop, desktop and either a tablet or some handheld gaming device, spending 41 percent of their time outside of school with computers of some kind or another.”

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