Millennials Are Killing Things

Millennials may be the most deadly generational cohort in American history.

What are their targets?

  • CNN says Millennials “could” kill politics.

  • Millennials are blamed for the death of the humanities, though this article says parents are to blame for the decline of the liberal arts degree.

  • Unsurprisingly, Millennials lead the way in cord cutting.

  • They have a problem with diamonds.

  • Apparently they don’t like golf.

  • You won’t find them going out to lunch.

  • They aren’t buying homes.

  • They are to blame for the decline in the sale of cereal.

  • The prefer mustard, relish, or another spread, I guess, over mayonnaise.

  • They’re killing divorce (which is good) and staying married, though there is an aspect of that trend that is troublesome.

Feel free to conduct your own research on the Millennials impact on a certain hot wing restaurant chain.

Mashable has compiled a list of seventy things Millennials have apparently killed or are in the process of killing.

Comedic, is it not?

Piling on Millennials is en vogue. Most of what is written is clickbait. I’ll confess: I am aware that you might’ve clicked on this article because you wanted to discover everything Millennials have killed. You may have been expecting me to pile on.

But my real point is to note the absurdity, which is rampant online, of blaming one generation for all of our problems.

Further, church leaders shouldn’t take part in it. This kind of criticism can be discrediting.

Besides, Millennials continue to be open to spirituality, and Christianity continues to offer compelling, cogent, and beautiful answers to life’s deepest questions. If you’re too busy blaming them for anything, you won’t get a word in on what Christians have to offer: hope, healing, community, and good news.