How Can You Help Millennials Transition?


When Millennials face a major life transition, how does your congregation step up and help?

Jules Schroeder recommends five ways Millennials can transition well.

Millennials move from one job to another, or one place to another, and they need wisdom on how to navigate these changes with skill and grace. She writes that Millennials can:

  1. Embrace new experiences.

  2. Consult friends.

  3. Be willing to let go.

  4. Invest in something they care about.

  5. Restructure their priorities.

Schroeder focuses her article on Millennials who are transitioning from one company to another, most often after finding themselves disconnected or frustrated in their work. If your congregation consists of older adults, you may have a significant number of people who have strong ties to your community, a stable career, and an established network of relationships. With Millennials, this is not so.

Take a moment to consider the Millennials in your congregation, and imagine yourself in their shoes. Consider what it is like for someone in the early years of their career, adjusting to the world of work and the new rhythms and routines of life. Reflect on what it is like to seek friendships or to consider marriage. And think of how difficult it can be to move from one job to another, or one relationship to another, with excellence and grace. You may know what these experiences are like firsthand.

Now, how does your congregation help people in this season of life?

Remember, Abraham trusted God by faith and embarked on a journey to the land God would show him. He embraced a new experience. The Proverbs are filled with wisdom on how best to navigate everyday situations, including our transitions. Jesus constantly calls us to let go of old things and embrace new life in his kingdom. Jesus also tells us to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven, pursuing ventures that last. And lastly, discipleship to Christ constantly challenges our priorities and calls us to realign with the kingdom of heaven.

The Scriptures are filled with stories that connect to the experiences Millennials face. Teach and preach the Word, and help Millennials make connections with their season of life. Also, take the time to help Millennials connect with those in your congregation who belong to the older generations. We all need wisdom. The elders in your congregation can help Millennials learn to transition well, to seek new opportunities, and to learn from their mistakes. In doing so older generations strengthen the fellowship and build up the church.

Remember, the Millennials who are in your congregation want to live well. They want their lives to be filled with meaning, and they know that their lives count. Help them to make transitions, to learn from the experience, and then to pass along what they learn.