Church Sets Up "Millennial" Nativity Scene

This time of year churches set up nativity scenes to remind us to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, that God the Son was born in human flesh to a woman named Mary in humble circumstances, yet with concurring signs and wonders: an angelic choir announcing the Messiah to shepherds in a field, a bright star above, magi from the East. Emmanuel, God with us, born in a manger, the lowly, awaited, exalted true king.

So when a church in Montreal set up a nativity with a Millennial theme, some decried it as impious at best and hermetically outrageous at worst.


Others found it funny.

Who should be most offended? God, Christians, or Millennials?

The nativity scene features solar panels on on the stable, organic beef, a man on an iPad (with a therapy sheep?), three hipsters on Segways delivering packages from Amazon, Joseph taking a selfie, Mary with a latte and an exposed bra, and, of course, Jesus.

Jesus is the only thing normal about this nativity, as far as I can tell.

But that is fitting. Jesus not only came to redeem his contemporaries, but people in all times and all places. This includes people of all generational cohorts, idiosyncrasies and all.

So, while some may have found the nativity in poor taste, it nonetheless captures and essential spiritual truth: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, which includes you, me, and people of every generation.