Millennial Defines Gospel

It's a word that we use a lot in the church. But what do we mean when we say, "The Gospel..."

Here at Burlap, we're passionate about helping churches reach millennials with the Gospel. So one way we want to equip you is by exposing you to a millennial mindset. In this case, we want you to hear how a millennial, who is passionate about the Gospel, articulates it.

Ways that you can use this resource:

  1. Leadership Meeting - At your next leadership meeting ask the question, "How do you define the Gospel?" Give them some time to write down some thoughts then play this recording. Follow up with a compare and contrast conversation then ask how might we equip millennials to be able to articulate the Gospel.
  2. Conversation Starter - Share this with millennials in your church and ask for them to give feedback on this definition of the Gospel. Find out how it connects or doesn't connect with them.
  3. Leadership Inventory - Listen to Maddy's definition of the Gospel then ask yourself some questions like:
    1. How am I, as a leader, equipping millennials to articulate the Gospel?
    2. Would the millennials in my church be able to articulate it like her? Why or Why not?