Practical ministry to young adults—episode 33

In this episode, Chris Abel suggests three specific ways church leaders can make sure they are on the right track with young adult ministry. Those ways include:

Pay attention to your environment—Be watching and listening to what is going on in your setting. You should be uniquely focused on the context of your environment, and understand that part of your environment is what people think about your church even if they do not attend. You must be a student of your specific culture.

Distribute your leadership—Chris shares an experiment he has been pursuing in his own ministry setting to push the leadership responsibilities to members of the group. Every church leader is going to need a team; what are you doing to create your team?

Tap into all generations—No one agonizes over young people like the parents of young people. Many young people will come to your church because of their connections with the older adults in their lives.

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Smart phones--episode 32

How is social media changing the depth of our relationships? Statistics indicate that the more social media a person has in his or her life, the greater that person’s odds of having depression. Research indicates that “all screen activities are linked to less happiness and all non-screen activities are linked to greater health.” Millennials have heard horror stories about their peers who have been vulnerable with their church communities and have been condemned or punished for it. It’s hard to imagine that Gen Z and Millennials are going to be making their way to a local church to find community, so what are we going to do to facilitate community and healing outside of our churches?

"When I was your age"--episode 31

What do Millennials hear when someone says, “When I was your age…”? Today’s podcast focuses on a few phrases that Millennials sometimes hear from other generations, and how they may be interpreting those phrases regardless of what those who say them intend. Some of our responses just come from the fact that we are busy, stressed, or just don’t want to think about what has been suggested. What kinds of responses can we give to Millennials that will validate them?

Are millennials "over" church?--episode 30

Chris and Chris discuss an article about millennials and church (you can read that article here: Items being discussed include the importance of listening, helping the poor, and talking about controversial issues.

21st Century masculinity--episode 29

In the past it appeared that churches were filled with a disproportionately large percentage of women. But today it appears that millennial men are more likely to show up at church than were their predecessors. Research suggests that millennial males express their masculinity differently than previous generations, and how they view church attendance is part of this changing view. So what does a 21st Century masculinity look like, and what does the local church need to do to appeal to this changing demographic?

Time management--episode 28

Today’s podcast is about the importance of time management. How do we choose the right things as our priorities so that we can spend quality time trying to reach people and invest in their growth? Often our failures to meet our goals result from the errors of either thinking too large, or getting lost in the minutiae, and when we don’t get results we wonder why. How important is our physical and spiritual health in our efforts to grow the kingdom?


Mission trips as millennial strategy--episode 27

It could be that mission experiences are the best starting points for engaging millennials at your church. In this episode we discuss the idea of using service projects as a launching point to connect with the desire of many millennials to gain new experiences while acting on their desire to make the world a better place.


The generation gap--episode 26

Chris Abel shares what happened at a recent experience where a men’s group of gen X’ers and Boomers invited him to one of their monthly breakfasts. What happens when older generations don’t feel respected, and younger generations don’t feel loved? Ideas for millennial outreach include a financial course taught in public spaces, why weekend services matter, the importance of personal invitations, and the Alpha program. In part 2, Chris and Chris discuss whether it’s a myth or not that everyone leaves church in their 20’s, but always comes back later when they have kids. This week we also introduce a segment called “One Step” where we give just one step a church can put into practice to engage with millennials.

The idols of Christian leadership, episode 25

In our continuing passion for understanding the do's and don'ts of leadership to millennials and gen Z so that we can do a better job engaging them, Chris and Chris look at four areas--creativity, short-term success, comfort, and command--that can easily displace God as the object of our ministries.

How the church is like chocolate--video, episode 24

In this special video presentation--which is an abridged version of podcast 24--Chris Folmsbee chats with millennial marketing expert Brad Hanna about how church is like the chocolate industry. You heard that right…chocolate. To hear Brad also give some excellent ideas of how the church can begin to interact with the millennial generation in ways besides the traditional Sunday morning service, listen to the audio version beginning at the 11:30 mark.