Field Notes on Social Media

We have just passed high school graduation season, and several young friends of mine have now doffed cap and gown and processed to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Graduation parties have also taken place. While attending a celebration for a former student, Oliver and I discussed Snapchat. Very casually, this eighteen-year-old told me, “Yea, I don’t even really check Snapchat anymore.” I wondered why, so he enlightened me.

Millennials Long for a Vocation

During the month of May there was a notable controversy surrounding Global Degree, an organization that advocates for education through travel rather than traditional means like colleges, universities, and trade schools. They specifically target millennials.

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Speaking Face to Face

In the epistles of Second and Third John, John expresses his preference to see his audience “face to face” rather than continuing his discourse through pen and parchment.

 You might say that John preferred a meet-up over a social media or text message exchange.

Millennials and sex

What do you assume about millennials and sex?

Some findings challenge common stereotypes, like claims that millennials are sex-obsessed and prefer “hooking-up” over lasting relationships. Here are five key discoveries:


An Alternative to the Generational Label?

The term “millennial” refers to those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s, and church leaders have been searching for ways to connect with this generation, who are largely religiously unaffiliated though open to spiritual conversations and experiences. The most common strategies have involved a form of contemporary worship, social justice initiatives, and artisanal coffee.

Does design matter to Millennials?  

I’m a Young Adult Pastor for a large church. But I’ve worked for churches large and small all over the country, and there’s one thing I’ve done that has CONSISTENTLY gotten results.


I have the advantage of knowing my way around Photoshop and worked as a web designer before entering ministry. And I thank God every day for those years because design has absolutely impacted the reach of my ministry, time and again.