Helping Millennials Make a Difference

If you want to connect with Millennials, help them to see how they can make a difference in the world.

How does your church “make a difference”? And how do you invite emerging generations to join in the effort, to help, and to understand how their work yields “good fruit” over time?

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Ben SimpsonComment
Millennials and Distributed Leadership in the Church

A recent study by research group Universum looked at the leadership styles and workplace environments preferred by Generations X, Y, and Z. While their conclusions and recommendations were geared more toward a corporate work setting, there are many important insights for churches looking to better engage younger generations in their congregations.

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Evangelism and Generation Z

This past fall, I volunteered as a cabin leader for a middle school retreat with my church. I was assigned a cabin of 8th grade girls. During the weekend, one topic of conversation kept coming up during our cabin discussion time: what it looks like to share their faith with their friends and peers. They would ask, “We know we are supposed to talk about Jesus, but how?”

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