8 Words That Can Lead To Experiencing God

Some time ago Burlap conducted a survey in which we found that 38% of the millennials we interviewed prayed regularly.  After digging deeper with some of the people from that survey, we’ve heard that those prayers range from, “Help” to “If you are out there” to “Please forgive me.”  In fact, prayer was such a prominent part of millennials’ life, to my surprise, that I wrote a six- week study on The Lord’s Prayer.  Here, you can have it for free: THY KINGDOM COME

A few days ago I stumbled across this article:

4 Things Keeping Millennials from Finding God according to Fr. Spitzer

I was very intrigued by Fr. Spitzer’s thoughts in the interview.  Read it over.  What do you think?  Can millennials find God without religion?  Spitzer’s belief is that if one begins praying then they can find God.  Fr. Spitzer gives us 8 words that can lead toward finding God. Those 8 words are: “Lord Jesus, I put my trust in you.”  

What do you think?  Can people, millennials, find God by this simply praying this simple 8 word prayer?