Garden Echo: The Gospel for a Millennial Mindset

I am working on a new book called, Garden Echo: The Gospel for a Millennial Mindset.  It is a simple book designed to help churches see and share a full-narrative gospel – a gospel that doesn’t start in Gen 3 with the fall but, rather, begins with “Let There Be Light” in Genesis 1.

I decided to write the book after having dozens of conversations with churches around North America who were dramatically articulating concerns like, “We’ve tried everything.  Millennials just won’t come to our church” or “We aren’t watering down our theology for any generation.”  I’ve heard other comments - a little less dramatic - like, “I am not sure our church even knows what a ‘millennial’ is” and “If a millennial walked through that door I am not sure we’d even know what to do with them.”  Pastors and leaders of all kinds from all different faith persuasions from all different places in North America are at a loss for how to reach millennials.

I totally get it.  Reaching millennials is hard.  That’s why I created Burlap and that’s why I am writing Garden Echo.  I want to help churches be more strategic in attempting to reach millennials.  I want to inspire, challenge and equip churches to participate with God’s mission to restore the world toward its intended wholeness by doing everything they can to reach a generational mindset who has largely dismissed the church as relevant.  When I talk with churches either informally, like after a training session, or formally via a consulting relationship the first question church leaders and pastors ask me is consistent – “Where do we even begin?”

It is a great question.  Knowing where to begin is key.  Obviously where you begin is dependent on many variables such as cultural context, leadership dynamics, community demographics, strategic initiative and applicable assets.  One thing for certain, that matters regardless of the above variables is the narrative you are telling.  Do you have a compelling enough narrative?  Is the gospel you are preaching big enough to capture the imagination of millennials?  Is the gospel you are preaching big enough to give one’s life too?  Of course all of us would say, yes, the gospel is big enough to give my life too.  Yes, of course it is.  However, is the way that you are framing the gospel big enough?  If you have a small gospel, you have a small God.  If you have a small God, you have a non-compelling narrative.

I am looking for people to help me write, Garden Echo.  If you or your church would like to help by providing contextual research do not hesitate to reach out to me at