2 Key Social Media Platforms You Can Use To Connect with Millennials

When churches think about reaching and connecting with millennials, it is important to focus on content and presence across all social media platforms. Too many churches have poorly designed websites with information that only serves to cater to the insiders. Facebook pages and Twitter feeds repeat the times and dates of worship opportunities instead of creating or presenting faith-based content in such a way as to engage millennials in conversation.

Millennials spend almost every waking hour engaging screens, tampering with technology – visiting with friends around the block and around the world. It is imperative that churches not only embrace technology and social media, but understand how their digital presence can help them better connect with millennials, engaging their imaginations with the hope of Christ and the good news for all creation.

According to Business2community.com, there are six platforms that millennials use almost non-stop. Figuring out how to use these platforms and spread the message of the church will require lots of time and energy, but it’s also meeting millennials where they are.  Here are two key platforms your church can use to involve millennials:


“Millennials are a creative generation. They need an outlet to express and share this creative side, and Instagram is it.” Instagram is image-driven, occasionally using minimal text to express a thought or highlight a quote. Developing a series of images for a sermon series. Share pictures of the next service opportunity. Illustrate a verse. Trust the youth of your church to take charge of your Instagram account, and surprising doors and conversations may open.


“Periscope allows you to post live-stream videos that consumers can directly interact with via commenting or hearting…By engaging more of the human senses and being able to dictate what people are hearing, seeing, and even feeling while watching your post, this will allow you to drive consumers in more ways than you know.” Use Periscope to post a series of daily devotionals and short stories. Have coffee and an inspirational quote of the day. Post videos of acts of kindness throughout the community.

Along with Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, which have been discussed in previous posts, these platforms give churches great freedom and room for creativity. Staying on top of your online presence needs to be a weekly, if not daily, habit. 

Taking time to learn from other organizations who communicate positive messages and brands of hope and spirituality will help you find and sharpen your voice.

Kid President and the SoulPancake channel (see here) on YouTube do a fantastic job of engaging people with creative content, finding ways to make meaningful connections with strangers and approach topics of spirituality.

Being and doing church today requires a digital presence, especially when it comes to reaching millennials.

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