Giving Back: 3 Ways to Connect with Millennials

Millennials have been described as the most self-centered, most screen-focused, and least religious demographic. Supposedly, they don’t care about the generations who preceded them and chase their own desires, even moving back home to cut expenses. As is the case with most gross generalities, there are stories from the opposite end of the spectrum too.

Millennials want to leave the world a better place. On both a global and local level, millennials are concerned with all aspects of life. Their faith, then, must not be seen or felt as an interruption in their life.  Their faith experiences help millennials make sense of the world and their place in it. According to an article from USA Today, some millennials are using their digital skills and creativity to improve the lives of senior citizens.

How can churches collaborate with millennials and demonstrate that faith is the practicing of our theological beliefs in every aspect of our lives?  Here are some quick ideas…

  1. Diversity in relationships. Finding ways to encourage consistent interaction across generations is good for developing meaningful relationships and health conversations. Millennials are curious, seeking out unique experiences and new relationships; this could help foster that spirit.
  2. Volunteering in local nonprofits. Developing partnerships with non-faith based non-profits is a good way to not only make new friends, but to learn more about the needs within the community and at the same time be a presence of light.
  3. Meaningful leadership. Many churches believe millennials are the next-generation leader, but they are ready to lead now, with ideas and innovations of their own. Give millennials the opportunity to lead in meaningful situations.