Burlap training events

There is a lot of great information in our ebooks, but often people want more application that what they can gather in a book. If you are interested in hosting the Burlap trainers for an event in your area, we'd love to hear from you. We are currently accepting reservations for the workshops below.

Millennial Essentials

Discover the seven core behaviors of millennial life and learn how you to create programs and events that will capture their imagination.                                                                                                                                

Millennials and evangelism

Millennials are spiritual but not religious.  Learn ten new ideas and practices for sharing the gospel with the millennials in your community and workplaces.                              

Generation Z essentials

Discover the “Seven Sayings” of generation Z and begin adapting the programs of your church to accommodate their emerging way of life. 

Ministry across generations

Healthy churches are comprised of people from all generations.  Learn the most effective ways of building a missionally-minded church that engages all generations and brings them together to experience the Christian life. 

Millennial Mindsets

There are six primary millennials mindsets.  Learn how to recognize the mindsets of millennials in your church and community, and develop an action plan to engage them.                                                                                     

Millennials and discipleship

Have millennials in your church and don’t know what to do with them?  Develop a plan to help millennials become deeply committed Christians.                                                          

Generation Z and evangelism

Learn ten compelling ways any church can connect with the young people in your community and develop an action plan to reach and engage them.

Millennials with kids

Millennials aren’t just kids. They are parents, too.  Discover the top eight values of millennial parents and create a plan to address their biggest concerns in order to create a thriving ministry with children.

Millennials and mentoring

86% of millennials say mentoring is "very important" to them.  Discover what it takes to build an effective mentoring ministry in your church or organization.                                          

Generation Z and discipleship

All of us want to shape the faith formation of gen Z.  Equip your church with the eight essential traits of every faithful disciple-making church and effective youth ministry.