Social Media Setup Instructions

Step 1: If you are subscribing to our Premium or custom plans that include posting to your church’s Instagram account, visit this page and make sure that your Instagram profile is a “business” profile. If you are subscribing to the Standard plan, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Go to your church’s Facebook page and copy and paste the URL into an email and send that to us at info@ThinkBurlap.com.

Step 3: Once we get the link to your Facebook page, we will submit a request asking you to add Burlap as an editor. This will enable us to post directly to your page. To accept the request, an admin on the page will need to do the following:

●      Go to SETTINGS at the top of the page

●      From the list on the left select PAGE ROLES, accept the request from Burlap, then scroll down to save the changes (you can revoke this permission at any time).

●      Note: you must do this from a web browser on your desktp computer. Facebook’s mobile app will not show you everything you need to complete this step.

That’s it! With your Instagram account linked to your Facebook account, and with Burlap set up as an editor on your Facebook page, we can post directly to both accounts.




I can’t find a request from Burlap to add you as an editor on Facebook. Can you resend the request?

Facebook will not notify you that you have a pending request. You will not receive an email or other notice alerting you that we have requested access to your page. The only way to know is to enter the Settings on your Facebook page, then look at your page roles where you should see our request pending. It could take up to 48 hours to see our request, but if you do not see our request after that time you should investigate further. Be sure you are not attempting to do this from a mobile device via Facebook’s app. You must approve the request from a desktop computer using a regular web browser.


I am on a desktop comuter but I still cannot see Burlap’s request. Help!

Are you sure you are an admin on your Facebook page? If you are an editor or some other level of permissions, you will not see our request.


What do I do if I need to cancel a post you have planned?

We strive to provide content that is in line with the basic tenants of Christian theology, but if you believe a post is not in line with your ministry's context, we can remove the post from your schedule for a small fee. At least 2 business days before the post is set to run, please email us at info@ThinkBurlap.com, and include the link to your Facebook page. Tell us which post you want cancelled. We will make the change and charge a small fee to your form of payment on file.