Social Media & The Church--(download)

Social Media & The Church--(download)


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Social media networking can’t replace the connections and spiritual growth that our culture provides, but it can, and does, accentuate it. As conversations about politics, social justice, religion, sports, entertainment, and the mundane continue to grow online, every outward detail of our lives can find a place in social networking.


As much as Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have adopted the social networking culture, Millennials are native to it. So if an organization wants to survive through this generation, they must learn to communicate digitally in addition to their other competencies.


Throughout these pages you will learn how to know which networks on which to focus, and what sorts of things for which to use it. We’ll even touch on if and when it’s appropriate to spend money on that pesky “promote” button, and share some resources to help you on the way. We’ll be focusing on best practices rather than providing a step-by-step guide, as well as content, tips, and methods. 

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