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Today’s pastors are stretched to meet the needs of a wide variety of people coming through the doors of the church, with differences in age, culture, lifestyles, and spiritual viewpoints. Add to that the mission of reaching people who question if there is any benefit in going to church at all, and the challenge of developing a coherent ministry can seem overwhelming.

Learning about the underlying beliefs and values of the various generations within your community will help you incorporate elements into your church service to reach those who may have felt left out by traditional approaches. This eBook will teach you about the characteristics of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials and the implications for the differences within these generations to your ministry.

This eBook also takes a look at various aspects of the church service including sermon, worship, sacraments, giving, prayer, hospitality, and benediction,  delivering ideas on how to incorporate elements into the service that appeal to millennials while not alienating others.

To truly be the church and join in on God’s mission of bringing heaven to earth requires listening closely and learning how to better serve and worship alongside multiple generations. Opening your heart to new approaches to worship will help you better meet the needs of millennials within your community.

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