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Pursuing truth--episode 38

Chris Abel hosts Bruce Nuffer in a discussion about how a Gen Xer uses a Millennial approach to his reasoning that causes him to reconsider long-held positions on environmentalism. While the thinking process described is not unique to Millennials, as a generation they are largely characterized by a similar pursuit of truth and wrestle with the findings of science and reconciling those findings with scripture.

The generation gap--episode 26

Chris Abel shares what happened at a recent experience where a men’s group of gen X’ers and Boomers invited him to one of their monthly breakfasts. What happens when older generations don’t feel respected, and younger generations don’t feel loved? Ideas for millennial outreach include a financial course taught in public spaces, why weekend services matter, the importance of personal invitations, and the Alpha program. In part 2, Chris and Chris discuss whether it’s a myth or not that everyone leaves church in their 20’s, but always comes back later when they have kids. This week we also introduce a segment called “One Step” where we give just one step a church can put into practice to engage with millennials.

How the church is like chocolate--video, episode 24

In this special video presentation--which is an abridged version of podcast 24--Chris Folmsbee chats with millennial marketing expert Brad Hanna about how church is like the chocolate industry. You heard that right…chocolate. To hear Brad also give some excellent ideas of how the church can begin to interact with the millennial generation in ways besides the traditional Sunday morning service, listen to the audio version beginning at the 11:30 mark.

How old is too old? episode 23

It seems that many churches have trouble finding people of millennial age to lead their gen Y ministries. How important is this for the success of this ministry? Chris and Chris also discuss whether it is the Gospel that people are tired of hearing about, or is it something else?