Burlap Podcast Episode 19: Humility Millennials Want

This week Paul Sheneman has Chris Folmsbee back on the podcast to discuss leadership traits that millennials want. This is a continuation of the conversation that we started on Episode 18. This week we talk about humility in leadership that millennials desire.


At Burlap we are working on a series of eBooks to help churches and leaders reach millennials.  These eBooks will be extremely affordable.  They’ll also be highly practical, easily accessible and consumable – even on a short flight.  Oh, and they are specifically designed for you to share with your teams and congregations in order to invite conversations and fuel your imaginations.  We are hoping to have all the eBooks finished and available for purchase by July 1, 2016.  This post and subsequent posts in the next few weeks are excerpts and/or ideas taken from the eBooks.  As always, feel free to contact us at info@thinkburlap.com so that we can help you begin weaving new stories of faith and culture.