The best of Burlap workshops


Not everyone can sponsor on-site workshops with Burlap, nor can we all make it to those workshops when one is within driving distance. Often church leaders who attend a live day of workshops realizes that his or her entire leadership team needs to hear the content as well. For all these reasons and more, we have created Workshops-To-Go. Now for one price you can receive the best of our workshops to view on demand. Watch them on your own or with your team. Revisit them to refresh your memory of details you may have forgotten. Do all of this on your own time and on your own device, whether it is a large screen Internet-connected projector or on your phone. Sign up now for access to the best of our workshops or view the link for a sneak peek at what you will receive for a one-time payment of $289.

Workshops include:

Six Generations Living in the US Today
The Big Picture: Six Millennial Segments
The Millennial Way of Life
Seven Saying of Generation Z
Evangelism With Millennials
Millennials and Discipleship
Generation Z and Evangelism
Millennials and Mentoring
Ministry Across Generations
Millennials and Leadership
Millennial Parenting--(currently in production)
BONUS--20 Things Gen Z Will Say To the Church In 20 Years