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Lost in Translation: What these three phrases mean to millennials.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware of the generational gap in so many churches. Whether you’re a baby boomer trying to work with a generation that seems challenging to understand, or a millennial trying to earn the favor of an older generation that seems set in their ways, the generational gap is a real thing. And sometimes this gap can act like a language barrier. When you say the following phrases, millennials hear something else. So without further ado:

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How to take the first step in reaching millennials

If you are a church leader trying to reach millennials, you are training for a marathon. The statistics show that millennials are less interested in church then any previous generation (for a lot of good reasons, frankly), and that, combined with a number of other factors, makes reaching millennials a challenge.

But I love a challenge. And, hopefully, you do too.

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Listening to Millennials

Catholic outlet EWTN News report that Pope Francis wants to hear directly from millennials. In 2018 the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will gather to discuss “Young People, the Faith and the Discernment of Vocation.” In preparation for this gathering they have appealed directly to youth. They want to hear what it is like for younger generations to be part of the Catholic church.

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An Alternative to the Generational Label?

The term “millennial” refers to those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s, and church leaders have been searching for ways to connect with this generation, who are largely religiously unaffiliated though open to spiritual conversations and experiences. The most common strategies have involved a form of contemporary worship, social justice initiatives, and artisanal coffee.

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Easter longing

Despite drifting from formal religion after entering adulthood, Filipovic’s early life exposure to Christianity left a resonance she believes is shared widely among millennial nones: a longing for “community, connection, devotion. Something like church, without the church part.”

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