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An Alternative to the Generational Label?

The term “millennial” refers to those born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s, and church leaders have been searching for ways to connect with this generation, who are largely religiously unaffiliated though open to spiritual conversations and experiences. The most common strategies have involved a form of contemporary worship, social justice initiatives, and artisanal coffee.

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Does design matter to Millennials?  

I’m a Young Adult Pastor for a large church. But I’ve worked for churches large and small all over the country, and there’s one thing I’ve done that has CONSISTENTLY gotten results.


I have the advantage of knowing my way around Photoshop and worked as a web designer before entering ministry. And I thank God every day for those years because design has absolutely impacted the reach of my ministry, time and again.

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What CrossFit can teach us about reaching millennials

I joined a gym called “CrossFit” a few years ago. Maybe you’ve heard of it. In 2005, there were 15 locations. By 2015, there were over 10,000. It got so popular that you could start a “box” (lingo for “gym”) in your garage and people would sign up. I literally have friends who paid $100+ a month to go workout in someone’s garage.

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How to handle millennial-focused pushback

One of the hardest realizations for a church community is that who they are isn’t “enough.” It’s understandable that they take it personally. To reach young adults, we have to essentially say “the way you’ve been doing it isn’t going to work.” It might have worked for decades, and your people have gotten used to thinking that the way they do church is how church should be done.

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